School Superintendents:

In 2008, you may have received a brochure entitled Just the Facts about Youth and Sexual Orientation,1published by the American Psychological Association (APA) and mailed to all public school superintendents in the United States. You need to know that this document is biased and grossly misleading. Just the Facts omits critical facts and makes recommendations that are refuted by decades of scientific research and extensive clinical experience. Most alarmingly, the recommendations offered will place young people at increased risk of grave psychological, emotional, and physical harm.

Below are various rebuttals to the Just the Facts document:

“NARTH Response to Just the Facts about Sexual Orientation and Youth” by National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality

“A Response to the APA Factsheet” by O’leary, Byrd, Fitzgibbons, & Phelan

On the Promotion of Homosexuality in the Schools by the American College of Pediatricians

“The Truth about Sexual Orientation and Youth” by Liberty Counsel

[1.] Just the Facts Coalition. Just the Facts about Sexual Orientation and Youth. American Psychological Association. 2008. Retrieved from (accessed 3/3/10).