“I want to thank you and your colleagues for the well written and timely letter that you have sent to school officials throughout our Nation. As an RN, I have had the opportunity to give nursing care in many different specialty areas, most have been in the fields of psychiatric care.

Involving young children of preschool and early school-age as well as adolescents, I have found a VERY HIGH percentage of those with gender identity issues and/or confusion to have been victims of sexual abuse. Knowing that my experiences and observations can be considered skewed in that most of these kids are not a true cross-section of the population, they have still played a part in my assessments regarding gender identity issues in children.

I SO MUCH APPRECIATE that you have taken the time, effort, and risk (and with our political climate and proclivities yes, you have taken a risk) in addressing the critical vulnerabilities that these children face in their environment. They are being held accountable to school staff and are being EXTREMELY influenced in this manner that you have identified as inappropriate, and I agree as do probably millions that this influence of authority figures in the school system has been life-changing and critically underestimated.

Being that you are an OBJECTIVE and RESPECTED party, unbiased as parents and/or school officials, this will speak volumes to our society (hopefully). I have met very few homosexuals who were happy and well adjusted in life. The pain they experience is so strong, and especially so with those who haven’t had the opportunity to even figure out who they are yet, being adolescents. Compound their situations with peer pressure and pressure from teachers and school officials, parents, and now government officials trying to deviate from the societal norm, adolescents are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I do not know how this letter will be received in this (what I believe to be corrupted) society today, especially our government, but I would hope that it will help to keep those in positions of authority between the lines of their respected areas of influence.

Again, I want to thank you SO MUCH for this well written, timely, and life-giving letter.”

Sincerely, L.W., RN