Dennis Prager interviewing Camille Paglia.  Ms. Paglia discusses her well-researched beliefs on various aspects of homosexuality.  After that, Ms. Paglia, who is a Professor of Humanities and Media Studies at the Philadelphia U. of the Arts, discusses how the much-needed and ground-breaking gay activism of the 1960’s devolved into the current gay political movement which doesn’t allow for any inspection of its views and thereby hurts the gay and lesbian communities which experience many problems that need to be honestly examined.
Here are just a few of Paglia’s ideas to give you a sample of her honesty and ability to go against the herd mentality of current gay activism:
– It’s a canard that you’re  born gay
– Homosexuality is an adaptation; sexuality is very fluid
– The culture you’re born into affects who will wind up gay.  If you were born at a different historical time, you may not have been gay.
– Every gay person she knows has some kind of underlying drama going on in their lives that the current gay establishment doesn’t want them exploring
– Paglia believes every gay man she knows was closer to his mother than his father.


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