Therapists below specialize in helping patients resolve self-identified sexual & gender identity conflicts.

Finding the right therapist for your child’s needs can be challenging, particularly when the issue is sexuality.  The following list of therapists is offered as a starting point in your search.  Feel free to call the therapist’s office and briefly outline your child’s needs before making an appointment.   Let the therapist know of your child’s struggles and the personal values that you want respected during therapy. If at any time you are uncomfortable with the advice given, do not hesitate to seek a new therapist.

Please realize that adolescents, like adults, will typically not benefit from counseling if they are forced into therapy against their will. No ethical counselor will agree to provide therapy for someone who does not want the counseling. If you have an adolescent you believe needs counseling, but who is not willing to see a therapist individually or as a family, you may wish to pursue counseling for yourself and the rest of the family in order to learn how to best respond to the situation.

The American College of Pediatricians cannot guarantee the success of these counselors and is not responsible for any dissatisfaction or problems that may arise in your private therapeutic relationships. Counseling relationships are a private matter between you and your therapist. These counselors have not been vetted by the College.  It is solely your responsibility to determine the right counselor for your child.