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College Letter to Collins

Dear Dr. Collins:

The College acknowledges your position in the world of science and your commitment to truth. With this in mind, we are disappointed that you did not provide us the courtesy of a personal and collegial communication regarding your concerns about our Facts About Youth project.  Instead, you used the National Institutes of

Are Children with Same-Sex Parents at a Disadvantage?

By Glenn T. Stanton, Director, Family Formation Studies

The simple answer is “yes,” but the more precise question is “disadvantaged compared to what?”

There is a wealth of solid social, medical and psychological research indicating that children who grow up without their own married mother and father in the home face significant disadvantages in

Commentaries About Sexual Orientation and Youth

Dennis Prager interviewing Camille Paglia.  Ms. Paglia discusses her well-researched beliefs on various aspects of homosexuality.  After that, Ms. Paglia, who is a Professor of Humanities and Media Studies at the Philadelphia U. of the Arts, discusses how the much-needed and ground-breaking gay activism of the 1960’s devolved into the current gay political movement which doesn’t allow