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Bullying at School: never acceptable

American College of Pediatricians – April 2011

ABSTRACT: No child should be harassed for his or her unique characteristics. Schools should encourage an environment of respectful self-expression for all students, and no group should be singled out for special treatment. Parental involvement should be a school’s primary method of resolution with programs emphasizing

The Media Dangerously Ignore Mental Illness in Coverage of Gay Teen Suicides

According to reporter Liz Goodwin of the Look Out blog, recent news coverage of tragic gay teen suicides focused the public attention on the problem of anti-gay bullying.

Ann Haas, research director for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, is concerned that this type of coverage could actually encourage vulnerable young people to copycat

Therapy Testimonials

Does change or conversion therapy work for those who are same-sex attracted?  Although there may be debate over how successful this therapy is, there is no debate for many individuals who have experienced real change as a result.  Take a look at some of testimonials below given by ex-gays who now live a heterosexual