Since the launch of the Facts website, numerous emails and telephone calls have been received.  Below is a sampling of supportive comments. (All passages below are excerpted from correspondence received.)

1) Finally! There is a scientific, well respected association, dedicated and experienced about children’s (and adolescent’s) well being, health and its development that has had the courage to make a “politically incorrect” (by current standards) statement contrary to what has been in vogue in recent decades.

I heard about you in an article in the latest American Psychiatric Association (APA) Psychiatric News online publication: “Pediatric Group Condemns Same-Sex Parenting.” The title appears to me a bit demeaning: “Group” as if was like a small group of people and not a “College.” Unfortunately (but typically) more than half of the article is devoted to refute the spirit of your findings, lead by (who else, but) Ubaldo Leli, M.D., President of the Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists.

As you know Gay and Lesbian, very well organized and funded, politically supported, groups have been extremely successful in changing (brainwashing) people’s long standing, traditional views about homosexuality. The usual manipulations are through guilt by posing the homosexuals as victims of a cruel and unsympathetic society that just does not understand them. Another trick has been to accuse anyone who does not accept their views to be phobic and against them.

–A.M., MD (Psychiatrist)

2) To read a letter received from a School Superintendent, click here.

3) “Thank you for your statements regarding sexual orientation labels in youth. While we are kind and accepting to those who choose a homosexual lifestyle, I have always been very disturbed by sexual labels in our children and the push to “allow” them to be gay. Thank you for your research and your willingness to state what is correct and give us more information to help protect our children.”

4) “Thank you for sending your letter to school superintendents regarding the truth concerning homosexuality. The truth needs to be told whether it is politically correct or not. Please do not cave to political pressures.”

5) “My daughter attended a public school of the arts where it was ‘so cool to come out.’ So many kids there had issues with depression and anger in spite of the acceptance of their lifestyle. Those who did not agree were considered ignorant. Thanks for the facts.”

6) To read an email from a School Nurse, click here.

7) “Our society is deeply confused on this issue, and we desperately need organizations [such as the College] who have the courage and altruism to combat the falsehoods that are being taught to our children and are so destructive to our families and society.”

8)  “You have my full support and complete respect for taking this stand against the sexual corruption of our kids.”

9) “As a wife, mother and nurse, I completely agree with and want to acknowledge the organization behind FACTS and express my genuine relief and gratitude that the medical and psychological facts about homosexuality are being presented truthfully, fairly and completely. Keep up the great work in the schools as so many American families are trying to do the same at home. Thank you for braving the rising tide of intolerance and moral relativism in society.”

10) To read a letter from a Registered Nurse, click here.

11) “Thank you for this courageous letter and position. Thank you for being willing to tell the truth!”

12) To read a letter from a Physician, click here.

13) “Thank you. The facts and realities [of homosexuality] are so completely overshadowed by political correctness and agendas. It is refreshing and encouraging that an apolitical, science-based organization with much credibility on the subject would speak out and state the truth. Too often schools cave in to the so-called compassionate, open, diversity nonsense that the facts get pushed aside. And real people then unnecessarily suffer significant consequences. Sad!”

14) “Same sex attraction in adolescence does not mean that you are gay! I appreciate you sticking your neck out to make that clear.”