“Just thought that this would be interesting for you to know.  I am a school nurse in a school district in XXX.  I heard about the Facts about Youth site on XXX Radio.  I looked it up in my clinic at my school when I got to work that morning, for I am interested in learning and understanding the most pertinent information to help my students.  I was unable to access the Facts about Youth site.  The technical department of the school has blocked your website from being seen.  Yet I was able to access the American Academy of Pediatrics site which had a PDF document about the same subject which had a very different message than what your website talks about.  I couldn’t believe it.  Thank you for putting out information to promote healthy lifestyles for kids and teens, rather than a lifestyle of heartache and pain. I accessed your site when I got home and will use it as a reference tool for my practice as a school nurse.”