“My name is ____ and I am Superintendent of Schools at ______ School District in _____, ____.

I am writing to you because I just recently opened a mailing from the American College of Pediatricians, dated March 31, 2010 which deals with the subject of gender identification and same-sex attraction.  Most such information I receive from a variety of sources encourages schools to take not only a stand of acceptance for same-sex orientation among students, but one of approval.  It was very refreshing to see your views on this, which to me made the most sense of anything I have seen on same-sex orientation in the past several years.  Public education is moving steadily toward popular culture’s view that anything goes and that lifestyle choices should all be respected and given approval as validation of a student’s individuality.  We are encouraged toward acceptance of same-sex attraction as something that is not only acceptable but normal.  The extent to which our culture is inundated with this view, it is no wonder that young people begin to experiment with it.  I have long believed that homosexual behavior is a choice, not something that individuals are innately endowed with, and your information confirms my belief.  To disagree with the homosexual agenda that such a lifestyle is normal is something that most school personnel do not want to get involved with because to do so raises all kinds of accusations of “homophobia, intolerance, and hate.”  I have seen schools sponsor “diversity” days, and most of the time the subject seems to center around homosexuality.  I could write volumes on what I have witnessed, but I won’t go there in this message. Let me just say that unfortunately most of what usually gets accomplished is more division and intolerance through the validation of those who have chosen a homosexual lifestyle as normal and  labeling of those who disagree with it as “intolerant,” or “homophobic.”

I also agree that schools need to be very careful about supporting students’ behavior who experiment with same-sex attraction as something that is “their choice,” “normal,” or expected.  Students, for a variety of reasons, will experiment with all kinds of activities; I have seen it over and over in my career.  Most of the time, however, individuals do grow up and begin to live wholesome normal lives.  I have seen many students in school behave certain ways that are not very healthy or acceptable, even detrimental,  and then when I come in contact with them years later they seem to have turned out to be productive well-adjusted people.  Part of the problem today is that “normal” has become blurred and either young people don’t know or are not being taught what is “normal.”  That term (normal) has become a negative term, and further, if the question “what is normal?” is always asked, it is no wonder generations of people are having to work through a state of confusion.

Thank you for your information.  I appreciate your research and statistics and believe them to be true. Also, your initiative and courage in approaching this subject is commendable.  I am sure it is not popular with everyone.”




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