The Media Dangerously Ignore Mental Illness in Coverage of Gay Teen Suicides

According to reporter Liz Goodwin of the Look Out blog, recent news coverage of tragic gay teen suicides focused the public attention on the problem of anti-gay bullying.

Ann Haas, research director for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, is concerned that this type of coverage could actually encourage vulnerable young people to copycat

Open Letter to Collins

Dear Dr. Collins:

Facts About Youth (Facts) is a project of a coalition of pediatricians, other physicians, healthcare providers and mental health professionals with the goal of promoting what is “the best for children.”  Our training is in child and adolescent health and our concern is for all which can affect their well-being. A member

College Letter to Collins

Dear Dr. Collins:

The College acknowledges your position in the world of science and your commitment to truth. With this in mind, we are disappointed that you did not provide us the courtesy of a personal and collegial communication regarding your concerns about our Facts About Youth project.  Instead, you used the National Institutes of

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